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WazZound MusicForge

WazZound MusicForge, as the name says it's an idea created by Michele Ruberto in the early 20th century with the intention of forging new lines for those were trying the way of the music business.
Back in the late 80's he started his career as a lead singer/bass guitar player in an Italian band named Agenzia Tormenti.

Bubolini - Partner of Sand Clock


‘’ I love the Bulgarian Shevitsas, their beauty, power and magic. For me it is a privilege to be able to continue those ancient traditions and spread the knowledge of a unique spiritual communication system. Being an artist, I like putting a modern touch to the symbols, while preserving their authenticity. This is my heritage, my culture, my roots. Bulgarian Shevitsa is so beautiful and magical that the whole world needs to know about it. It is a symbol that will live forever.”
BG-heart- Partner of Sand Clock

Ellie Shopova-Smith & BG-heart.com

Ellie Shopova-Smith is a graphic designer and brand consultant with over 15 years professional experience.

She is also the creative force behind BG681 and BG-heart.com.
Ellie launched her brand of bulgarian t-shirts in 2018 after discovering a gap in the market for modern authentically bulgarian casual clothing. Her designs are inspired by the love for her country and its traditions yet are firmly grounded in the modern reality.

Sunny Yellow SZ

Sunny Yellow Candles are eco-friendly. I make- decorative, romantic candles, candles in a glass or jar, aromatic candles or scented candles, conical, tea, ritual, personalised candles for any occasion.Wax decorations are made of natural materials using soy wax, essential oils, beeswax candles and palm stearin /palm wax.

Rose Lady Skin Care

Rose Lady Skincare

Our story begins in Rhodopes mountains in Bulgaria. That is where I, the Rose Lady, come from. I grew up among captivating fields of roses (Bulgarian Rosa Damascena) that my family planted with a lot of love and passion. I never imagined that my family’s rose farm would be the starting point in my natural beauty and skincare business.

Pebble Bebble Art

Pebble Bebble Art

Evoking warm emotions through natural materials Let me invite you to my simple pebble world, where every little pebble becomes alive and brings you a very personal message. It’s hard to confine what art means to me in just one word. It has impacted my life in so many different ways and helped me discover a true love for the world that surrounds me.

Mariella Blago

Mariella Blago Consultancy & Teach Me How to Biz

Mariella Blago is a copywriter, digital marketing consultant and a proud owner of several blogging awards. She works tirelessly to make sure her knowledge and skills in social media and SEO are never a step down from a specialist level.

Stefano Corona

Stefano Corona - Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Coach

He is the person who made me discover the wonderful world of music and accompanies me all the time. His unmistakable style, personality and charisma led him to prestigious stages, that of The Voice of Italy, duets with Ricky Martin, Ed Sheeran and Saule, Noemi, Piero Pelù, Raffaella Carrà and J-Ax. He also collaborated for his EP with Piero and Stefano Calabrese (authors and producers of Alex Baroni, Giorgia and Marco Mengoni).

Maria Nito

Maria Nito - Modern Dancer

The costumes, the lights, the audience always manage to remind me how many things dance has helped me go through...

DropShipping One

DropShipping One
The dropshipping just a click away

Dropshipping.one is a site dedicated to dropshipping that allows producers (and distributors) and online sellers to meet each other more easily and develop a business.

bindCommerce - partner of Sand Clock (Elisa Neri)


bindCommerce is an integration platform for online commerce. Born from the need to integrate management systems with online sales platforms, such as eCommerce and marketplaces, it has evolved over time to manage dropshipping services, ad sites, social marketplaces and automatic repricing services.

Daniella Petkoff

Daniella Petkoff Photography

Daniella specialises in event and family photography and looks out to capture the powerful bond between people.

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