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Michele Ruberto - composer/arranger

WazZound MusicForge, as the name says it's an idea created by Michele Ruberto in the early 20th century with the intention of forging new lines for those were trying the way of the music business.
Back in the late 80's he started his career as a lead singer/bass guitar player in an Italian band named Agenzia Tormenti.
Thousand performances made him a very well experienced musician, but he likes to be marked as a creative mind, his motto:

Music is created with instruments however instruments alone can't create music.

WaZzound purpose is to make songs fitting with the very essence of the artist, not considering less important the effectiveness of the results in terms of sound and trend line.
His love for music at 360° make him a flexible composer/arranger, always ready to create new beats and rhimes that would never be possible do without that skill.

In 2006 , WaZzound met Stefano Corona in his begins, with him he wrote, arranged, produced his firsts demos.

For that reason in April 2019 WaZzound composed with Elisa Neri her debut's song : SAND CLOCK finalized in the ARTIST AGENCY.

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