Cy Twombly - BLOOMING

Year 2001-2008
  • Dimensions:
    250 x 505 cm
  • Medium:
    Wax crayon & Acrylic
  • Surface:
    Smooth board


Blooming is one of the most recent and distinguishable works of Cy Twombly, seeming to be taking another approach to his intent, which, whether was different or not is hard to tell, but taking in consideration the sudden change in form and mark-making, it is most likely.

Exceptional Talent
Blooming - Cy Twombly
The main body of the installation consists of a landscape off tone base, flourished with bright scarlet flower-like organic, free-flowing markings, which the artist let drip downwards. This is all evenly balanced throughout the board, and it is clear Twombly has chosen to avoid imposing excessive control over his brush, as the marks seem to stay considerably loose. The markings are layered and become increasingly concentrated in tone at the front, creating a sense of depth, as the eye is naturally drawn to the final layer, but is acutely aware of the background layering that is going on. All of this is slapped onto a 250 x 505 board, meaning that the life exhibition experience must be intended to be more imposing and overwhelming that a print, which does not invade the audience's peripherical vision this way. The blotches of colour feel like they're everywhere and invading: they can't be ignored no matter how much you might want to step away to rest from the beautiful eyesore they are in contrast to the bleak atonal background. From first sight, they look passionate, elegant but slightly forceful into your mind, like they want to be seen. Had I have to give them a personification, I'd represent them through someone who'd feel like a breath of fresh air, one of those people that when you meet them to wake you up after some time you've felt like walking in the fog. The title of the work of art could easily be interpreted to that Blooming means a wake-up call, a new beginning, whether it is having blooming feelings for someone, or newly found excitement and interest for something. Whatever it is, the overloaded, dripping brushstrokes evoke a sense of plentifulness, of increasing health or wealth, taking to the letter the Chinese meaning of red, happiness.

One word description


n. the moment a conversation becomes real and alive, which occurs when a spark of trust shorts out the delicate circuits you keep insulated under layers of irony, momentarily grounding the static emotional charge you've built up through decades of friction with the world.

From the Dictionary of obscure sorrows

Poem description


Giuseppe Ungaretti

Dopo tanta,
a una
a una
si svelano
le stelle.
il fresco
che mi lascia
il colore
del cielo.
Mi riconosco
presa in un giro

Clear Skies

Giuseppe Ungaretti

After so much
by one
the stars
unveil themselves
I breathe in
the freshness
that the colour
of the sky
passes on to me.
I recognize myself
as a passing
caught in an immortal

This is an influential piece in a sea of influential and groundbreaking pieces. Cy Twombly will be remembered as one of its innovating artists of his time, and this piece will forever trigger a spark of intrigue in history, marking a shift in Cy Twombly's self- expression. It will remain a subject of analysis to art lovers, a source of art study, as well as a source of ridicule for lovers of traditional logic, and "what makes sense".
However, what's clear is that it will be a source of debate, something upon which people can defend or reshape their beliefs of art or the world itself, and for that, it serves the purpose of art.

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