Pier Paolo Pasolini, a hundred years of light

Artists from all over the world have decided to contribute to the creation of the exhibition "One Hundred Years of Light" dedicated to Pierpaolo Pasolini, by Sedicicorto, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth.

It will be possible to view the exhibition in person, from 1 to 16 October at the Wundergrafik gallery in Forlì (Italy), via Leoni Cobelli 34. An artistic opportunity not to be missed, during the 19th Edition of Sedicicorto Forlì, from 5 to 16 October 2022.

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Last events

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Doncaster Art Fair - Doncaster Wool Market- Elisa Neri
Christmas Charity Concert - JOY - London - Elisa Neri
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Doncaster Art Fair - Doncaster Wool Market- Elisa Neri
Doncaster Art Fair - Doncaster Wool Market- Elisa Neri
Bulgarian Business Ceremony Awards 2019 - London - Elisa Neri
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Elisa Neri -Regional Final - Open Mic UK - Sheffiel City Hall - UK
Industry judges’ feedback : A very unique tone with a beautifully distinctive vibrato, you have fantastic control and great confidence on stage. Good use of dynamics and song choice to fully show off your vocal capabilities. You sang very well and overall it was a great performance.
Elisa Neri - Guest  - Varna (Bulgaria) -Rakovinata (Sea Park)

Artist Portfolio Magazin's 20 Art Competition


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Elisa Neri - International Art Contest - Varna (Bulgaria) - Addicted to death
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Art Exposition - Horizon Community College - Elisa Neri

Feedback from music industry judges:

"Wonderful attention to image!
Couldn't help
but see elements of Bowie in a strange sort of way,
which was well received, and worked for you.
Great song too.
You gave this everything and
a stronger act in today’s show.
You must keep up your creative
and technically successfully work. Well done. "

Elisa go to Area Final
in Dewsbury (3th of December)

Feedback from music industry judges:

"Like the individuality with the unique image.
You sang in tune throughout,
showing us your flawless vocals – well done. "

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