Sand Clock - Original Song - Elisa Neri

This is my first original song, this is my story

I have known Michele Ruberto since he collaborated with my vocal coach Stefano Corona.
I was little girl and I didn't know this beautiful world yet.

I remember when I once entered the studio, when Michele and Stefano were creating a piece and at that moment I didn't imagine that one day I could be there instead of Stefano, there beside Michele Ruberto to write words, sing melodies in order to do a song will be born that will then be heard by other people ... a song of mine that tells my soul.

A little fear, a bit of shyness but a great desire to tell my whole experience as a girl of the world

I know that many people will recognize themselves in this girl, but many others still fight with nostalgia and cannot find peace.

I hope this song can help all the "foreigners" around the world!

Elisa Neri

Sand Clock is coming soon...

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