Ellie Shopova-Smith

Ellie Shopova-Smith & BG-heart.com

Ellie Shopova-Smith is a graphic designer and brand consultant with over 15 years professional experience.

She is also the creative force behind BG681 and BG-heart.com.

Ellie launched her brand of bulgarian t-shirts in 2018 after discovering a gap in the market for modern authentically bulgarian casual clothing. Her designs are inspired by the love for her country and its traditions yet are firmly grounded in the modern reality.

“I love the current trend of slogan t-shirts but I couldn’t find anything that was meaningful to me” Ellie says, “I am proud to call myself Bulgarian and I have always dreamt of going to one of the traditional Bulgarian festivals, to wear a beautiful ‘nosija’ and to connect with our age-old cultural traditions. But I wanted something even more than that. Why only experience this ‘Bulgarian connection” at festivals? Why not have it every single day? I wanted to be visible as a Bulgarian, to share my honest pride of that fact every day.

Ellie Shopova-Smith

BG-heart.com and my brand BG681 aim to do just that – create contemporary casual clothing for 21st century Bulgarians”

I believe in a beautiful future for our country. Us bulgarians can be so critical of ourselves. Yet when I look around me I see much, much more good than bad. I see strength, I see creativity, I see ambition, I see entrepreneurship and I see love. A big bulgarian heart. I want to shine a light on that fact with my designs and I want these values to be the foundation of our work at BG681 and BG-heart.com.

Collaborations and support for young talents such as Elisa Neri is one of the ways we do that. I am committed to donating a portion of the profit every year to bulgarian charities to help those in need and to promote education, creativity and enterprise for our young people.

If you share the same passion and values you can see our latest bulgarian inspired t-shirts at BG-heart.com and join our online community on facebook at BG-heart.com and instagram @bgheartclothing

I look forward to seeing your views and stories.

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