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A long short story of Post-Impressionism

This video has been sponsored by Doncaster Council and has been made with the purpose of encouraging people to get involved in art events in Doncaster local area. I hope you like it!

Lost at Sea

Mixed media

This is a piece that I meant as a lesson for myself and a way of expressing the feeling that you get when you finish a work in which you have spent a lot of time and energy.

The immediate view of the work derives from the inside of a glass of water at the end of a painting, where there are colors and pieces of unexpected stuff. In this case I exaggerated the mixture of things, adding drops of oil paints, which naturally stand out, having separated from the water, In this way I presented the properties and problems of materials in art. In addition, I dropped glitter, starting to recall up a starry night. I have recreated all in acrylic and oils.

Since the glitter often has a three-dimensional look to it, instead of reproducing the glitter in acrylic, I decided to reproduce them by sewing them to recreate the three-dimensional sense.

Lost at Sea

Duet with the legendary
Lara Fabian

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